About Us

HubShiraz is a company that has started its activities with the aim of ecosystem development in entrepreneurship and strengthening and enriching the entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystem in the south of the Iran. Our focus is on discovering, attracting, and nurturing talented and active ideas and teams, as well as supporting personal development and fostering entrepreneurial spirit. Our aims to create a bridge between university students and industries in the southern region by considering the areas of focus in startups’ initial movements and has planned a special program to accelerate teams and startups in the fields of digital health, e-commerce, e-learning, gaming, digital media, and smart cities.

Hunshiraz strives to fulfill its mission, which is empowering startup teams in the south of the country by transforming ideas into market-ready products and promoting the culture of entrepreneurship in the southern region.

key values

Entrepreneurship growth and development, agility, capital provision, entrepreneur support.


Becoming a key element in the entrepreneurial space of the southern region.


Developing an entrepreneurial culture and playing an effective role in resilient economy.

HubShiraz board of directors

Mohsen Eslami

Mohammad Hossein Sheykhi

Seyed Raouf Khayami

Ali Nikmohammadi